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My client is a government backed FMCG and tactical equipment company needing the assistance of an experienced government executive assistant or COS.

My client is a government backed FMCG and tactical equipment company needing the assistance of an experienced government executive assistant or COS.


Admin / Secretarial / Office Support / Executive Assistant

Permanent / Full Time

Position : Tactical Admin Support – Operations

Location : Sydney

The Client

My client is a government backed FMCG and tactical equipment company needing the assistance of an experienced executive assistant. This is an exciting opportunity to be working alongside a few well known and influential personnel. The role working with key government authorities such as Defence, Defence Industries, DVA, RSL, Legacy, NRL and other charity and brand partners. Apply Now…

The position

We are currently accepting applications with all levels of experience  intermediate to senior levels from various industry verticals, EA’s , PA’s, anyone with a secretarial background, Highley desirable anyone whom has served as an adjutant in any of the armed services environment. The candidate will be energetic, collaborative and eager to execute on many exciting opportunities. Key responsibilities will be reviewing contracts, preparing documents, managing the directors schedule etc. This is a busy support role and requires someone who is professional, positive, proactive and consistently one step ahead. Well presented, with a high attention to detail and equally high standard of work. Apply Now…

  • Account payments and approvals
  • Social business events and schedule
  • Organisation of travel both domestic and international
  • Work in Progress Reporting
  • Management and full control of Principal diary
  • Liaise with external parties, recruitment, legal ect

The Candidate

The successful candidate will be energetic with a personality and cultural fit very much suited to a fast-passed environment. The candidate will be capable of multitasking various responsibilities and fitting in with the team environment.

  • Will need to attend corporate functions and events
  • Energetic well present person is a must for this role
  • Defence industries, Ex Defence personal encouraged to apply.
  • Location Sydney metro, and will need to be within 30 min of Paddington

Apply Directly for a discussion regarding this role or call Josh directly on
0427 870 585. Feel free to call regarding any other opportunity you may feel suited towards. Please visit and visit the careers page for live job postings. Apply Now…


How to Apply

Send us an email Email Us
[email protected]

Apply online : Click here to apply

Online Resources To Help You Land A Job

Online Resources To Help You Land A Job

When people do not know where to look for job openings, it can be irritating and challenging to look for work. People in this situation are encouraged to look for work possibilities online.

The internet has had a significant impact on the way individuals search for jobs. In the last few years, the internet job search business has made enormous strides. In addition to helping individuals find employment that matches their profiles, an internet search may also provide essential information about potential employers, which can be helpful during the application process.

Ways for Using the Internet to Find a Job

The following is a summary of some ways you may use the internet to obtain the right job.

• To find new career opportunities or improve one’s present salary, one alternative is to visit the websites of the different firms. It is a good idea to look at the connections between employment and human resources. There are several job listings databases on the internet.

• Another alternative is to ask a search engine to do the work. It is easier to find a job if you use search engines.

• There are also job listings on the websites of professional groups. Become a member of these organizations, and you will have a better chance of finding employment. You can also gain connections to professionals in different sectors.

• It also works to sign up for a job posting on the internet. E-mails are sent to people with potential work opportunities, and resumes are sent to recruiting specialists worldwide via these platforms.

The advantages of using the internet to find a job

There are several benefits to doing a job search online. With just a tap of a button, applicants can send their resumes to employers.

By using the online alternative, applicants and employees can save the cost of faxes, transportation, and mail services. Using the internet to get a job allows individuals to look at a wide range of possibilities. Individuals in a variety of occupations will appreciate the simplicity and convenience of searching for career possibilities online.

These job searches also offer assistance in drafting resumes and guarantee that the relevant keywords are present among the millions of other available resumes. This makes the resumes more eye-catching to potential employers. Aspirants will be able to choose from a broad range of places as part of this search.

Ideas On How To Include Self-employment In Your Resume

Ideas On How To Include Self-employment In Your Resume

There are several obstacles to running your own business, including attracting consumers, securing proper insurance, and enlisting the support of extra staff. The same qualities you need to get a job as a freelancer, contractor, or new company owner include tenacity, enthusiasm, and perseverance. How can an employer be concerned about self-employment on a resume?

Interview questions relating to self-employment

Self-employment on a resume seeking a full-time job might raise red flags for prospective employers. They might ask questions like:

-Were you self-employed because you were unemployed or wanted to work for yourself rather than a company?
-Are you still a freelancer or consultant? If yes, do you plan to conduct this work alongside your full-time job?
-Is your self-employment a potential conflict of interest?
-Are you a part-time freelancer or contractor who never intends to replace full-time employment?
-Do you want to own your own company in the future?

These are all fair questions for a prospective employer. Employers don’t want to recruit, train, and benefit you for a year just to have you leave to start your firm. This is why prior or present self-employment raises red lights for employers.

The best way to address any self-employment on your resume is to highlight the positives of working as a freelancer or managing your own business. Your resume must include an employment history that is honest and relevant to your career goals.

Tips on adding self-employment to your resume

If you only take on freelance work and do not plan to make it a full-time job, you may leave it off your Curriculum vitae. You should only put freelance employment on your resume if it helps you fill in any employment gaps. Contractors and company owners must include their experience on their resumes. Highlight the employment experience that makes you the best candidate for the position. Relate your work duties to your professional goals and evaluate your accomplishments when relevant. Demonstrate your self-starter mindset in your qualifications part. Include any employable skills you developed or improved while self-employed.

Your cover letter or email should also address the worries of your prospective employer as a last demonstration of your dedication to the position. Seek advice from a career counsellor if your resume generates concerns. Consider telling your employer about your long-term professional ambitions and how you plan to combine duties at both companies if you still run your own business but seek a full-time job. Be proud of your independence. Your CV and cover letter should portray you as a passionate and knowledgeable expert. Let the employer know how your freelancing experiences and talents will assist the organization if you are hired.