The Best Paid Sales Jobs In Australia – Finding The Top Companies To Work For

The Best Paid Sales Jobs In Australia – Finding The Top Companies To Work For

There are currently many opportunities for people to find the best paid sales jobs in Australia. Many people have been making the choice to travel overseas pre pandemic to increase their income potential. Unfortunately, many of these people also realize that they need to be aware of all of the expenses that come along with doing so. The Australian dollar is sometimes weaker which is one drawback to working offshore when relocating over seas. The difficulty also when coming back into the Aussie job market is another challenge with people finding that the network they had prior to leaving can in some cases be completely gone.

More than just salary

That is not to say that working offshore does not come with great salary incentives. The people that choose to travel overseas often appreciate a much higher salary than those who stay at home. Plus, there are a variety of additional benefits including holiday packages, company cars and health care benefits. The type of incentives offered depend on the country that you are doing business in.


Incentives are often available as commissions or kickbacks. The bigger the company, the more commission you can expect to receive. These incentives are normally given to sales people in order to entice them to remain with the company long enough to build up a significant line of sales. The commission amounts are based on the gross sales volume of the sales person or the number of units sold during any one month. The highest paid sales people in any country is most certainly a business development managers with uncapped commission potential, these people are true hunters that thrive off winning companies new business and cracking into to new markets.

Other incentives

Many companies offer incentives for various reasons. Some of these reasons relate to the company’s profit margin. Other incentives can relate to the goal of building a team of sales people. There are also many incentives that relate to the performance of the sales person. These incentives can be in the form of a commission, salary raise or simply an upgraded pay rate.

A competitive career

Sales is a highly competitive career field. Competition for jobs and salespeople is high at all times. This means that to be successful you must not only be highly qualified but you also need to have an edge over your competition. The best paid sales jobs in Australia are not going to come to you if you don’t take the time to build a career built on strong skills and hard work. It is also important that you are realistic about what you expect out of a sales career. If you are looking to secure the best and highest paid sales jobs in Australia then it is important that you realize that to succeed you need to put in the extra time to develop and improve your skills.

The Most Desirable Qualities of a Salesperson

The Most Desirable Qualities of a Salesperson

If you’re trying to find out what are the most desirable qualities of a salesperson, one of the first things that you need to know is that they have to be a good team player. This means that they have to be able to work with others in order to get the job done. They have to be willing to compromise with other people on certain things because it’s only through this that they will be able to close a sale. This is a great quality that will get you results and make a person more effective.

Good personality

Another thing that a good salesperson has to have is a very good personality. If a person is not a good talker or doesn’t like to put things into practice then they won’t be able to sell products. A great personality is one that can be used in almost any situation. In fact, sometimes a person is also a great conversationalist because of the wide range of topics that they can cover.


Persistence is another quality that a salesperson must have. Persistence is the key to building a successful relationship and selling. If you don’t want to put in the time and effort then you might as well just pass. However, if a salesperson has the drive to keep pushing forward then they will get you results.


Creativity is another important quality that is appreciated by many. Salespeople like to think up new ideas and ways to sell products. However, this comes with some risk. If a salesperson just keeps thinking up ideas then they could easily get into a routine where nothing productive comes from their efforts.


The willingness to take risks is another important quality that salespeople should possess. Risk-taking skills are acquired over time and through trial and error. If a salesperson is willing to take a chance, the possibilities for success are limitless. However, if they don’t want to take a chance then at least they should have the courage to try. Most salespeople won’t risk their jobs unless they have to, so it is important to show bravery to be successful.

Social skills

One of the most overlooked qualities is a person’s ability to interact well with others. Salespeople need to be good at socializing because most of their interactions will take place in a sales setting. The goal of a salesperson is to close the sale and interaction with the customer is key. If a person doesn’t like to socialize and interact then they will have a difficult time doing their job.

Friendly demeanour

Another important quality to look for is a person’s friendliness. A friendly personality is almost a given when someone wants to be a professional salesperson. Salespeople need to have a friendly personality because it will help others feel comfortable when they are dealing with them. Salespeople should also avoid being arrogant and should not talk down to people. They should make themselves seem more approachable and trustworthy.

Work environment

When looking for the most desirable qualities of a salesperson, it is important to think about the work environment that they will be working in. Some salespeople prefer working from their work. However, there are other salespeople who enjoy the hustle and bustle of a busy office. It is important to determine which type of person will fit best into the sales team and the company. Once a person has the work environment and personality that is right for you, then they can easily become one of your best salespeople.