Network Engineer  needed at rapidly expanding company with competitive salary, employee development support, and flexible working conditions

Network Engineer needed at rapidly expanding company with competitive salary, employee development support, and flexible working conditions

STATUS: This Position Is No Longer Available

IT & Telecomms / Network Engineer

Permanent / Full Time

Position : Network Engineer

Location : Sydney

Gateway Synergy is looking for a Network Engineer on behalf of our client in Sydney. Our client is a rapidly growing company in the Defence industry, with an urgent need for exceptional professionals
In this position you will be part of their Network team. You will be responsible for managing our cloud hosting technologies within a variety of security domains. You will be working with market leading infrastructure technologies and will be designing and recommending best of breed solutions both internally and direct to our customers.

What the company offers:

  • Competitive salary and additional benefits.
  • Training support
  • flexible working conditions and a strong company cultur

The Network Engineer is responsible for the administration and maintenance of their data networking infrastructure. This architecture includes, but is not limited to, technologies like:

  • Routers
  • Switches
  • Firewalls
  • Intrusion Prevention Systems; and
  • VPN Concentrators.

Day-to-day operations include tasks such as monitoring and responding to alerts, managing customer queries and/or incidents to conclusion, as well as providing SME advice to both internal and external stakeholders.
Where directed, the Network Engineer will be appropriated into projects to perform tasks such as documentation, design and delivery of complex technical solution, or provide guidance aligned with their skillset.

Key responsibilities

  • Monitor, respond and manage alerts generated by both human and automated sources.
  • Monitor networking performance to ensure operations in accordance with the functional and non-functional requirements of the system.
  • Actively identify areas where administrative or operational efficiencies can be gained.
  • Assist customers in the design and development of solutions on the IaaS platform.
  • Liaise with vendor technical support to resolve or mitigate bugs in software or hardware.
  • Repair and replace hardware.
  • Configure new devices in accordance with as-built documentation, architecture diagrams or business requirements.
  • Upgrade or patch software as per the appropriate internal policies.
  • Identify potential outages resultant from proposed tasks and work through the notification process to advise affected parties.
  • Create reports based on service uptime, resource utilisation, security events, and other common key metrics.
  • Participate and contribute to the organisation of company commercial and social events.
  • Comply with their Policies and Procedures

Skills required Essential

  • Familiarity with common networking protocols and applications such as TCP, UDP, ICMP, HTTP, TLS, and DNS.
  • Experience installing, configuring, and cabling physical networking infrastructure like routers and switches.
  • Knowledge of conceptual models like OSI or TCP/IP and their application in tasks such as troubleshooting and system design.
  • Familiarity with other common IT technologies like operating systems, databases, hypervisors, automation, and cloud computing and their dependencies on networking infrastructure.
  • Awareness of Industry certification frameworks such as ISO27001 or the Australian Government Information Security Manual and their application on networking infrastructure.
  • Ability to obtain and analyse information from varying sources and rationalise conclusions.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills with the ability to adjust tone and/or language to suit the audience.
  • Familiarity with project management methodologies.
  • Ability to foster productive working relationships with colleagues, vendors, partners, and customers.
  • Able to work both independently and within a team. 
  • Ability to adapt to changes within the workplace and organisational priorities.
  • High degree of enthusiasm in the networking field and confidence to take the initiative on projects or incidents.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or equivalent
  • Relevant Industry certification from organisations such as Cisco, Juniper, Fortinet, Palo Alto, VMWare, Redhat, ISC, Microsoft, CompTIA etc   

This is a security assessed position. The successful candidate must hold or have the ability to obtain and maintain a Negative Vetting Level 1 clearance or higher.
The role may require national travel, overnight stays and liaison with partners and suppliers.

How to Apply

Send us an email Email Us
[email protected]

Apply online : Click here to apply

Is Temporary Employment Right for You?

Is Temporary Employment Right for You?

Are you looking for work? If you are, you may be looking for your ideal job. While everyone has their version of an ideal job, you will see that the majority choose flexible hours, consistent employment, and high income. Unfortunately, not every job seeker is successful in landing their ideal job or even a permanent one. If you have trouble finding work, you may be looking at temporary positions, but are they ideal for you?

There are several things to keep in mind while deciding whether or not to apply for a temporary position. These considerations may assist you in making the best possible employment decisions. These are just a few of the numerous things to keep in mind when you look into temporary jobs and temporary work.

Things to keep in mind about having a temporary job

Your present job status is one of the numerous aspects to consider while evaluating temporary work. Are you now working or unemployed? This is vital since it determines whether or not temporary work is right for you. Temporary work, as you may know, may run from one week to many months. Are you  Employed? Consider sticking around and hunting for more permanent employment in your free time. This is crucial if you often face financial challenges. Remember that temporary work is not guaranteed.

If you are jobless, you may wish to concentrate on temporary work and jobs. This is perfect for jobless people who do not get unemployment benefits. If you need money, you must do whatever it takes to get work to support yourself and your family. Check temporary employment in your region. The best thing about temporary work is that most businesses know their workers are looking for permanent work. This makes it simpler to leave temporary employment if another job opportunity comes up.

“How can I locate temporary jobs?” is among the most asked queries about temporary work. This leads to another vital issue to consider while evaluating temporary work. Although there are significant variances, companies seeking temporary labour often resort to staffing services specialising in temporary work. These staffing organisations are often known as temp agencies. Every city should have at least one or two temporary job agencies. The services of a temporary agency should be free. However, you may be expected to pay a modest monthly service charge depending on the company.

Additional factors to consider about having a temporary job

Health insurance is another essential element to consider when deciding whether or not temporary work is right for you. Do you have health insurance if you are working yet seeking work? If you do not have health insurance from your spouse, you may wish to postpone looking for temporary work. Because practically all temporary jobs do not provide health insurance, this is the case. Sadly, many job searchers overlook this element. It is also worth noting that you may lose other work perks like sick pay and paid holidays.

There are also plenty of other considerations to keep in mind as you weigh your options for temporary work. Of course, the choice is ultimately yours, but temporary work is an excellent option for individuals who are presently jobless and in desperate need of income.

Personal Branding-Market Yourself Effectively

Personal Branding-Market Yourself Effectively

We are all acquainted with store-brand merchandise. Businesses have discovered that they can sell more of their goods if they can get people to identify the brand with a particular service or benefit.

Self-branding is a relatively new idea in employment. However, it essentially follows the same method. Only the product is you. Branding yourself is a means of communicating to prospective employers or customers what you can achieve for them in particular.

Successful goods, and you, too, can have slogans. When someone inquires as to your occupation, do you respond with your job title? For instance, do you say, “I am a manager.” This statement hardly inspires confidence. Alternatively, do you say anything along the lines of “I work for the What-it Manufacturing Plant?” This kind of statement refers to you but does not identify you. Branding is a technique for associating oneself with unique characteristics, much as short advertising slogans do for a product. Mercedes Benz is “engineered in a way that no other automobile in the world is.” Holiday Inn is committed to “pleasing people everywhere.” “The excitement develops straightaway” with Polaroid.

In response to a question about your job, instead of saying, “I am a manager,” you may say, “I help firms turn around their management so they can make money again.” As an alternative to just being a teacher, you may say, “I educate students to have fun learning.” Make people want to know you better with only a few seconds of a strong connection. Using examples on your Curriculum vitae, you may demonstrate your brand’s value to potential employers. There are several ways in which having a strong personal brand for yourself may help you stand out to prospective employers as having a great skill or ability.

Perks and downsides of working for someone else

Employers determine what you should be doing, so you do not have to make as many choices. A regular paycheck is usually a significant benefit when you work for someone else. You know how much money you will receive each pay period in good or bad times and can plan. This reduces tension. Benefits include regular hours, leaving at a specific time, and not worrying about work until the following day. There is less accountability when working for someone else. Working for someone else has its drawbacks. Not only do you not get to make decisions, but your boss may fire you at any moment.

Perks and downsides of being self-employed

In self-employment, your income is directly connected to your business’s performance. Most firms take years to start making a profit. Profits may be huge or not. There may be loans without incorporation. You have no one to turn to for significant issues. Thus it would be best if you solve them alone. Workdays seldom end at a fixed hour. You must do the requirements. Stress will occur. However,  being self-employed has many potential benefits: riches, respect, freedom, and fulfilment.

Self-employment is a common pick for those who have few other possibilities. Work for yourself and see whether you can turn a profit. It is not uncommon for people to start their businesses in order to get wealthy. Your chances of making money are up if you own a business. Some people start their enterprises in the same industry they worked in before. However, they wish to improve their performance at work. They desire to serve others or accomplish the task they wish to pursue.

Increasing Demand for Medical Assistants

Increasing Demand for Medical Assistants

According to several surveys, medical training employment will expand significantly quicker and higher than the average rate for all professions. There is evidence from the Australian Department of Labor that medical assisting is one of the fastest-growing occupations worldwide. Medical technology advancements may be one of the explanations for this considerable surge in the number of people receiving medical treatment.

We all know that the medical field has no opportunity for mistakes. People should not underestimate the importance of accurate and correct processes. Each team member must be capable of handling all of the duties and obligations assigned to them. Medical developments have led to a rise in demand for more comprehensive training. A growing number of medical organizations that use cutting-edge technology have understood the need of hiring medical assistants to perform their duties and obligations professionally.

This generation is better at using the latest technologies. Employers think they need to hire medical assistants to fill the gap left by the older generation. Medical assistants are in high demand. It is not surprising that several medical institutions are giving jobs to people with similar interests in the field.

The role of Medical Assistants in ageing and rising population

The ageing of the population is another element driving medical assistant job growth. As the population ages, more medical centres require youthful personnel to fulfil the duties and tasks in the medical office and the laboratories. That is why most of the existing medical assistant jobs have an age limit. Age requirement is not new, as practically every job posting contains this criterion for candidates to acknowledge.

In addition, as the number of doctors’ offices, pharmacies, and other healthcare institutions increases, so does the need for medical assistants. Medical assistant employment is increasing since many medical institutions need a large number of support employees. That includes medical assistants. Remember that these medical facilities need medical assistants that can manage both administrative and clinical tasks. It is also worth noting that the need for medical assistants is rising, particularly in outpatient settings where they demand efficiency.

How To Start The Process of Changing Careers

How To Start The Process of Changing Careers

Does your present work or employer make you feel unhappy? Your present employment may not be the best fit for you if you often find yourself in conflict with coworkers. Sometimes, you are frequently expected to work overtime. When considering this option, you should approach cautiously. Even though it is possible to leave your job and obtain a new one, doing so might have significant consequences.

Having a clear understanding of why you’re leaving your present job can help you find a different one. If you have an unpleasant colleague or a slight issue, do not leave your job. You should never allow another person or a minor problem to keep you from earning the money you and your family need to thrive when it comes to your profession. If you feel insecure at work, are unable to grow, or need a new career to support your family, look into all of your alternatives first.

Look into your options before changing career

Speaking of examining all of your options, you may want to consider examining the current employment situation around your area. Unfortunately, many individuals end up quitting their jobs on impulse, and many are unhappy to learn that there are only a limited number of job openings in or around their area. As previously stated, if you rely on your income to pay your bills or to help you support your family, you may want to refrain from making impulse decisions concerning your employment.

Starting with current job vacancies in and around your desired work location may be a good idea. Analyze the current employment situation in your region first. Local newspaper employment sections or career job-posting websites are also good options for this task. You should also check the current wage levels for all vacant positions if they are available to you. It is essential to look at all employment criteria before deciding whether or not you can afford to live off that amount of money. Even while you may get a position for which you are overqualified, you should not rely on this happening.

Applying for another job

For those who like what they see, you may wish to apply for local career opportunities. Even though you may be thinking of resigning with two weeks’ notice at this point, it is up to you to decide. All job vacancies that are interesting to you should be applied for as soon as you know you will be resigning, regardless of how soon you plan to do so.

The first step in looking for employment is to “polish” your resume. Online or in most computer applications, such as Microsoft Word or Works, you may simply access free resume templates. If you prefer, you may also hire a professional resume writer to assist you. A well-written CV may help you obtain a job interview, which might lead to a job offer and perhaps a promotion.

If you think of shifting careers, you will want to keep these ideas and actions in mind. As a reminder, you should not resign from your present work. You should know for sure that you will find a new one or at least have a reasonable probability of doing so.