A company should never hire just to fill a position but should instead find the perfect individual for the job. Your company likely devotes a significant number of resources to the recruiting process in order to find the best candidate. If you’re starting with a job description that isn’t what it might be, you may be restricting yourself at the beginning of the process. You also want to be sure to keep your goal the same with each new hire – the reason you started a business and the reason you will stay in business. If you change direction, you risk losing focus and losing both customers and staff members.

Listed below are some job posting basics:

Eye-catching Job Post

Start with a decent template before you even begin to think about the wording of your job advertisement:

  • Use a clean and modern font: Use fonts like Serif or Sans Serif. Avoid using fun or wacky fonts.
  • Use bold text to emphasize: Make fonts bold when necessary. Do not make all texts bold! You are not highlighting anything in that case.
  • Make it simple: Do not over-design your job advertisement. Classic and straightforward looking design is enough for a job ad. Do not use lots of pictures and bright colours; this can overpower the text.

Be Found Easily by The Right People

This is where you begin to modify your job description’s information. It’s best to avoid using phrases like “career chance!” or “medical employment” in your headers since they’ll make you harder to find. If you provide a particular job title in your job description, it will be easier for job seekers to find your posting. When space permits, use whole words rather than abbreviations.

The first paragraph of a job description should attract the reader’s attention after the job title/header. Consider using action verbs to define the primary responsibilities of the position. You may lose the interest of anyone scanning through if you start with a lot of background information about your business or the industry. Also, each paragraph should not be longer than three lines.

Make It Clear to Them Who You Are

You want to make sure that you’re offering your new recruit all the information they need to know about you as soon as possible. Don’t forget to provide some context about your company’s mission, vision, and core values. This is also a great time to give some information about your management style. Do you have a hands-on, active kind of leadership? Or, do you prefer to be more of a visionary that stays in the background and lets their team run with it?

It’s essential to have a strong employer brand if you want to attract the best prospects. And while you’re working on creating the best employer brand, don’t forget to show it off on social media. Job seekers are Googling to find companies they want to work for, so you need to be visible.

Now that you have the basics in creating a job post that gets results do additional research on improving more! Remember that the more precise and comprehensive your job description is, the more likely you will attract and retain the top employees. Good luck!