Numerous competent and accomplished graphic designers have their resumes stored in the circular file bin, often known as the trash can or recycling bin. Do you know what’s going on with these well-trained and worthy graphic designers? Some beginner graphic designers make tiny, avoidable mistakes in their resumes. And this is why employers reject their applications.

Common errors in graphic design resumes

Among the most common mistakes individuals make when applying for their first job as a graphic designer is to show off the design skills in their resume rather than just describing them. Resumes for graphic designers should be clean and concise. There is no place for fancy fonts, graphics, or page borders on a Curriculum vitae for a graphic design position. Although they will capture the attention of recruiters, these graphic design resumes will be laughed at and discarded.

Before submitting a resume to potential companies, many individuals commit the second most frequent mistake. They fail to review their documents. Hiring managers believe that graphic designers lack attention to detail if their resumes contain errors or one noticeable typo. Regardless of how talented the designer is, the employer will still discard the application.

The third most common mistake affects the creation of a graphic design resume. Failing to present one’s talents, skills, and qualities appropriately. The designers’ work history should contain dates, job titles and the names of their supervisors, and the locations of the companies where they worked. Moreover, if the applicant works as an intern or employee at a graphic design business, they should reflect it in their resume.

Other reasons for discarding a graphic design resume

It is not only the lack of experience that causes a graphic designer’s resume to get discarded. It is also not advisable to include non-graphic design-related hobbies, skills, and affiliations.

Candidates having a college background, membership in professional groups, or other credentials in graphic design should include these on their resumes. Keep in mind that the applicant’s educational background is a great way to show their abilities and qualities. Recruiters will reject graphic design resumes that lack this information in favor of more qualified candidates.

If the job seeker has not finished their college education yet, they have considerable talents or achievements connected to graphic design while in high school, they should not put their high school education on their resumes for graphic design.

Applicants’ graphic design resumes should not include any false, fraudulent, or overstated data. This unethical behaviour might also result in the loss of jobs acquired by providing false or overstated graphic design resumes.