What veterans bring to civilian workplaces is an attitude of teamwork, tenacity, loyalty, and a sense of accomplishment. These are not hard or fast qualities to possess. It takes time to develop these traits but veterans have them. Many of these qualities were acquired through service in combat. It takes a certain mental attitude to adjust to civilian life but veterans know how to re-adjust quickly.

How do you Develop Those Qualities?

One important skill is grit. Grit is the ability to persevere. In any situation, from work to play, from heartache to joy, grit is required. In the workplace, veterans understand that teamwork and tenacity are needed for success so they gain the strength to try again.

The Value of Teamwork

Another important quality is teamwork. Veterans gain the skills to work with others like they did in the field. Working with co-workers or supervisors who are experts in their field can be a challenge so many veterans have mastered the art of teamwork. When leaders are willing to communicate the necessary information and share leadership skills with employees this creates trust, morale, and productivity.

The Trait of Loyalty

Loyalty can be one of the most difficult skills to acquire in civilian workplaces. However, once acquired it can be the foundation for success or failure. In any situation, workers must have the faith and confidence in their supervisors and co-workers to know that the organization is fighting the battle even when it appears that there are odds against winning. Veterans value and display loyalty.

What do Veterans Bring to the Workplace?

Well, aside from the skills mentioned above, veterans also have the attitude and character to drive. These traits are what employers are looking for because they will need workers with these qualities on a daily basis. When an employer realizes that an individual has the ability to get along with others, handle stress, and remain productive, the hiring process moves forward smoothly.

Veterans Make Great Employees

These are just a few of the qualities that veterans bring to civilian workplaces. Veterans have successfully learned how to adjust to a variety of changes throughout their working lives. Due to this, many veterans make great employees. They may not always agree with the direction a company is taking, but they always remain positive and have the ability to lead. If an employer is willing to take a chance on a veteran, then you know that they have made the right decision.