We despise the idea of someone hurting themselves or others. However, the truth is that we live in a nation with one of the highest rates of financial fraud, such as corruption, fraud, and theft, among others. However, this is just the start.

In today’s employment world, a business must deal with employee theft, incompetent recruitment, sexual assault, and workers’ compensation fraud, to name a few issues.

For example, Australian mining giant BHP has fired or banned nearly 50 employees over reports of sexual harassment in the workplace.

Is it any surprise that pre-employment screening has become a requirement? Employers want to avoid employing criminals. They also want to hire the best-qualified individual for the position. A trustworthy agency may gather information about applicants through a thorough background check. Agencies may use their established screening procedure to figure out facts about the applicants.

Essential Points to Consider When Choosing an Employment Screening Firm

When picking an employment screening company, seek one that has been in business for a long time and has a track record that several customer references can prove. Professional registrations in associations like ASIS, SHRM, PIHRA, NPRRA, and NAPBS, to mention a few, should also be considered.

Companies should be well-versed in the law; if not, the screener should be in the background screening process rules. It helps if the firm that the employers hire has a thorough understanding of “negligent hiring.” Much as an Expert Witness would. It will be the expert witness who uncovers the flaws in any hiring process that allowed the negligently recruited employee to come on board in the first place!

Does the prospective screener have knowledge and understanding of current HR Management systems? How about corporate Due Diligence programs or Factual Employment Screening programs that train people to find fraudulent applications and false identities?

In other words, can the company’s partner assist them in avoiding unnecessary lawsuits? Companies are putting their firm in danger unless they or someone in the organization is an expert in employment law.

The Importance of Proper Documentation

Let us imagine a company presently employs an employment screener that does not need them to submit each application with a signed release. It seems to be just ordinary. The fact is that these organizations have the company waive their obligation to them in order for them to save the time and effort needed in this crucial step.

In times of audit, companies must provide a signed application. They are held accountable if they do not have one on file. A reputable employment screener signs off on these audits, and companies will never know when they happen. A typical lawsuit of this kind might cost the business thousands of dollars. Is there any compelling reason to accept such a risk?

In the upcoming issue, we will debunk numerous popular background check fallacies and provide employers with the facts, like what they need, such as a complete applicant identification procedure, financial and driving histories, and hand-researched criminal court records. We will also teach employers how to utilize this data to make the most informed recruiting choices possible.