When asked to provide a testimonial, I have to say I was reluctant to do this. If we tell others how good she has been to us, they will want to use her as well and that could potentially restrict her time with us.

We came to know Pip recently on our search for doctors for a variety of surgery locations across South Australia and in particular Adelaide metro. Pip has spent time to get to know our surgery locations, the community information, tourism and services require to suit the doctors search. She has provided Leadership, instruction and suggestions on best ways to market ourselves and has worked tirelessly to assist our organisations surgeries. Matching the doctors and the new team is especially important to her and the passion that she commits is evident in the questions and quest to find that. The prompt replies to phone calls and emails is especially remarkable, including in the afterhours scope when doctors have time to look at future prospects. We highly recommend Pip and look forward to further positive recruitment experiences.