According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), there is a growing need for healthcare personnel and rising wages for almost all occupations in the field.

Over the next decade, the Australian healthcare industry expects to have a 27% rise in pay and salary employment. All other industries had a 14% rise. In addition, according to the Bureau of Statistics, stricter immigration laws hold back foreign health care professionals entering Australia.

There will be many new jobs in home-care as the younger generation matures and hospitals reduce spending and restrict employment. In the past, the elderly have depended on long-term hospitalizations for post-surgery care or the treatment of long-term diseases. For various reasons, including a growing desire among older adults to remain at home in their later years and a growing number of insurance companies restricting the number of overnight stays they would cover, inpatient treatment is shifting dramatically.

Employment growth in healthcare

Employment growth will produce around 3.6 million new payment and compensation jobs. Nineteen per cent of all wage and salary positions added to the economy between 2004 and 2014. Moreover, ABS is expecting the industry as a whole to increase at a rate of 13% and 69% between now and 2022. Hospitals are the most significant and slowest expanding sector.

The bottom line for anyone choosing a profession in health care is that the immediate future looks bright. Enrollment in healthcare-related school programs is increasing as economic instability makes other conventional job options less appealing. Nonetheless, many health care careers need many years of training. While specific industry personnel requirements may be addressed rapidly, particularly at the administrative level, not all roles will be filled. It is genuinely anyone’s guess if the present number of health care sector graduates will be sufficient to fulfil current and future requirements. Particularly for employment in nursing, patient diagnostics, and other highly technical fields.