You already know those job seekers don’t check the advertisements with a red pen in hand seeking openings. Many digital employment boards are being visited, bookmarks being made, and postings being compared and weighed against one another. The way you write your advertisement is going to impact the number of people who actually see it.

The new paradigm is all about a candidate’s journey to your position and how you can make them want to join your company. In the same way that it’s essential to go beyond the job description and address what the individual will actually be doing on a day-to-day basis, it’s also important to think more creatively when it comes to attracting talent by using other channels.

Recruiting is more competitive than ever before, and it may be tough to stand out in a pool of similar-sounding opportunities. This is why your job description is so important. And it all begins with the title of the role. Continue reading to find out how to come up with a great job title.

The Importance of Job Title

Job titles serve as a launching pad for job seekers in most cases. Job seekers may be exposed to your business for the first time by clicking on a job post on your website. In order to entice eligible applicants to click on the job ad, the title of the ad must accurately describe the position you are looking to fill.

Once job seekers have clicked on the job ad, they read what your position requires in detail. The job title on the job posting must be consistent with the qualifications or job description summary. Don’t make the mistake of using confusing job titles. You want to make sure that the individual viewing the job is able to grasp its true meaning. This means using clear and concise wording.

Job Title Writing Tips

Don’t complicate things; keep everything straightforward and clear- Make use of the keywords your prospects are likely to use in their searches.

Accurately describe what you mean- Increasing your pool of potential applicants is a simple matter of being as specific as possible with your job title. Build a job title that is precise and enticing by being as descriptive as possible.

Consider the salaries and benefits- You won’t be able to foresee the pay expectations of every candidate you interview. However, by doing market research, you should have a good idea of a fair wage. The salary for the position must meet the title.

You’ve developed an excellent job title, and you’ve written an engaging job description to go with it. So, what do you do now? Advertise the job!  The effectiveness of the wording is significant, but the effectiveness of the listings is also essential. Your job ads will be more likely to be seen by the right people if you use great job titles and practical recruitment tools.