How to Write a Cover Letter That Will Impress Recruiters

How to Write a Cover Letter That Will Impress Recruiters

Well-written cover letters help attract an employer to read your resume more closely and give it the attention it deserves, while a messy, boring one can send your application straight to the trash. Cover letters are essential to every job application. It is an opportunity for you to introduce yourself and demonstrate your interest in the position and your knowledge of the company. They should be treated as a sales letter. Your cover letter should present a benefit to the employer, so they will want to read your resume to see if you can deliver on that benefit.

What Is a Cover Letter For?

Employers use cover letters to distinguish between applicants who are otherwise quite similar. Therefore, your cover letter must emphasize your exceptional accomplishments, transferable abilities and qualifications. The summary of your job history should be found on your resume, not in your cover letter. 

Employers are more interested in understanding your personality and style than what you have already done. A cover letter aims to sell yourself to an employer.

What to Include in your Cover Letter?

Here are the top 5 parts of a cover letter that applicants should include: Header, Greeting, Opening Paragraph, Body Paragraphs, and Closing Paragraph.

Header- Applicants must include their names and contact information like phone number and email address.

Greeting- Include a greeting that is friendly and professional. It must also include the hiring managers name.

Opening Paragraph- Your opening paragraph should be simple, stating what position you are applying for and why you want to work there.

Body Paragraph- In the body paragraphs, give a brief overview of your professional experience related to the job. You can also mention any skills or special training.

Closing Paragraph- In the closing paragraph, applicants must include a thank you and express the desire to meet face-to-face for an interview.

Complimentary Close and Signature- Examples of good complimentary close are: Sincerely, Respectfully, Regards, and many more. Also, do not forget to affix your signature.

More Tips in Writing your Cover Letter

Planning ahead of time and tailoring your cover letter to each job advertisement will help you get the job of your dreams. For example, you can use some of the keywords used in the job advertisement in your cover letter. That will show you did your research and are interested in the company.

In writing the opening paragraph, it’s essential to clarify that you’re interested in this position and that you’re the best applicant for the job. Also, you must be straightforward. A cover letter must take just a minute to read.

Show that you have a thorough understanding of the company’s problems and how your abilities can address them. Focus on the aspects of your background that will help you fill in a gap or help the company make a significant shift to new products or markets.

Lastly, proofread before you submit your cover letter. Before submitting it, keep an eye out for spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes.

Make sure you practice writing your cover letter now that you’ve learned the art of it. Getting a job you’ve been dreaming of is easier if you keep practising.

3 Reasons To Work With A Recruitment Agency

3 Reasons To Work With A Recruitment Agency

Recruitment agencies help companies fill positions with qualified applicants and help applicants land their dream job. They act as the middle man between employers and applicants. Although finding the ideal position might be challenging in today’s job market, employment agencies can assist applicants’ search. They are external recruiters that work with a wide range of organizations to find, screen, and employ people who are a good match for both the firm and the role at hand.

Recruitment agencies are also capable of identifying the right person for a given position and working with that candidate to do a great job at the interview. Without this intermediary, you might have to find and communicate with hundreds of people to find a suitable candidate. Recruiting is something that not all organizations want to do, nor do they have the time or workforce to do so.

Listed below are three reasons why you should work with a recruitment agency:

Time Saver

Relying on recruitment agencies when filling in a position can save companies valuable time. Recruitment agencies use their extensive network and resume database to identify the perfect applicant for the job as quickly and effectively as possible. While they’ll be responsible for finding candidates, they’ll also be responsible for assessing and interviewing new hires.

Apart from saving time, recruitment agencies help employers save money on various charges related to the direct hiring of candidates (the cost of advertising, transportation and many more). Working with a recruitment agency is well worth the price of their services. Recruitment agencies also provide references of past clients, which would assist in employers decision making.

Access To Top Talents

Recruitment firms go above and beyond to locate and thoroughly screen applicants since they have more time and resources to dedicate to the job. Their goal is to find the perfect candidate for their client. You may think you know the top-notch applicants, but you could be dead wrong. The recruitment firm has a system to ensure the right people are brought on board to fill the position. What’s more, if an applicant is deemed a good fit for the job and is selected by the recruiter, they will not have to apply for jobs again. This saves time and effort on both ends.

Recruitment agencies provide an objective and unbiased evaluation of the candidate’s performance. They have pre-defined criteria for screening the candidates. It includes the candidate’s academic qualifications, attitude towards work, communication skills and aptitude. The agencies also ensure that the candidates possess specific knowledge or skill sets required for the job. They also conduct reference checks to provide a high level of integrity in the selection process.

Recruitment In High Demand Fields

Recruitment agencies are often used by companies looking for help filling difficult-to-fill jobs. Time constraints may not be an issue, but the tough rivalry for specific professions most certainly is. Large companies and start-ups alike often have difficulty hiring staff with the particular skills or qualifications they require. With a recruitment company, you can outsource the hiring process to experts who specialize in your field, or at least one that’s similar. Plus, it’s not uncommon for companies to use recruitment agencies for temporary jobs, as well.

Now you know the top 3 reasons why work with a recruitment agency. These will help you make a smooth decision in hiring the best candidate. Many more guidelines will help you select applicants, but those three reasons will surely guide you to make the best decision for your company.

Finding Your Dream Job Through The Internet

Finding Your Dream Job Through The Internet

The days of searching through classified advertisements and sending out resumes that wind up in the office shredder is long gone. With a few mouse clicks, job seekers may now browse for job positions across the globe and apply for them from the comfort of their own homes. When it comes to finding a job, the Internet can handle much of the legwork provided you know how to use the right tools.

Today, we are seeing a shift from traditional job searching to online job searching. The best part is applicants don’t even have to leave the house to get their dream job. Finding jobs online may entail using social media, job search engines, job websites and job aggregators. Job websites can provide information about what type of work each organization does, its size, how many employees it has, the types of benefits offered, and compensation information. There is much more information about job posts available for applicants to access online.

Finding Job Online

In finding jobs online, applicants can visit job websites to create a free account and upload their resumes. By doing this, employers can locate applicants if they match the qualifications they are looking for. Creating an account through job websites is a great way to get a resume in front of employers, but applicants must keep in mind that they need to spend a lot of time searching for jobs on the Internet to find what suits them best.

After creating an account through job websites, applicants have an option to sign up for job alerts. Some job websites send email alerts to candidates when a position becomes available that matches their requirements. Another option is to follow a company’s social media accounts, posting opportunities and open positions.

Another cool thing about searching for jobs online is that applicants can filter their searches. By doing that, applicants can have specific results based on the filters they apply during the search, such as location, salary, number of employees, job titles, date posted, and job type (full-time, part-time, freelancing, contractual, project base).

Applying for your Dream Job

Once applicants find their desired job online, the next step is to apply for it. The initial step in a job application is to show interest in the job vacancy, and the job application will be made with the help of the Internet.

Employers increasingly require applicants to submit their resumes on the Internet in an effort to make the application process more accessible to all competent candidates. These applications may ask for basic contact information and work history, but they most often focus on the applicant’s education, skills, and experience. Applicants may be required to submit an online resume or link to a LinkedIn profile if requested.

Nowadays, most of the hiring process can be done online from pre-employment tests, phone or video interviews, and even onboardings. But before that, applicants must ensure that their resume stands out from the others. Good luck!

Helping Veterans to Find Employment in Australia

Helping Veterans to Find Employment in Australia

A growing number of veterans and their families are looking to recruitment agencies in Australia to help them find work after serving in the military for several years. With Australian-based veterans employment agencies’ support, it is possible for returning veterans to quickly and easily find the right career opportunities to suit their needs. These agencies aid those who have served in the armed forces and be successful in their search for civilian employment.

Veterans have been tested through the most challenging conditions possible, like combat situations and the rigours of boot camp, making them stronger and more prepared for the challenges of life. These challenges are necessary for success in any career.

Veterans: Military Experience

Employers should prioritize candidates with military experience in their recruiting process. Although some veterans do not have previous work experience as civilians, military training and experience provide many of the skills employers look for in the civilian job market. Those skills include teamwork, working with a large number of people in a fast-paced environment, time management, good communication skills, the ability to function under extreme pressure in various situations, and the ability to resolve problems with minimal supervision. These are good traits to bring to an organization.

Employers should be willing to help veterans and ex-military members develop the skills they need to succeed in their jobs. After all, veterans already have great attitudes towards working in a company. They are dedicated, motivated and disciplined. But they may lack some of the skills needed to be a successful employee, such as basic IT proficiency. This is where employers can step in to help their employees succeed. Employers can offer training opportunities and give feedback on how to improve performance.

It is ideal for veterans to make sure that their resume is geared toward work experience in the civilian world. With the help of recruitment agencies, veterans will receive the support they need to ensure that they are fully equipped once they transition to a new job.

Veterans: The Help they Need

Australia has a proud history of helping veterans back into civilian life. Beyond providing work to veterans, it also gives us a chance to acknowledge and thank the brave men and women who protect us each day.

Several employment agencies assist veterans in finding jobs. The prime objective of these recruitment agencies is to help returning veterans find suitable employment in a variety of occupations that match their skills and experience gained in the military.

These agencies can help you with veterans resumes and job interview skills. Also, they may be able to provide valuable advice on how to make the transition from military to civilian life as smooth as possible. If you consider hiring a veteran in your company, now is the time to find out what else they have to offer. We have a comprehensive list of the best veterans in Sydney, Australia, and we can definitely find you the best match. On the other hand, if you are a veteran returning to civilian life and seeking a new career, make sure you get in touch with us.