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Employer Background Checks: What You Should Know

Employer Background Checks: What You Should Know

Today’s job hopefuls understand the recruiting process from start to finish. They learn about resume layout, interview clothing, and speech during an interview. In a sense, the outcomes of several aspects of the interview process may be skewed. To avoid employing the wrong person, many companies conduct employment background checks.

Applicants are apprehensive because they fear that their job background checks may surprise them. However, If a candidate fails the background check, they may decide not to hire them.

Here are some suggestions to keep you calm

1.) You will receive a notification – Many job searchers assume that companies conduct background checks without their knowledge while applying for a job. No. A potential employer must sign a release to conduct a background check. You will be able to choose whether or not the company checks your history.

2.) Denial is a statement of the obvious – A refusal to do an employment background check would, of course, indicate that you are hiding something. For the sake of your career, it is in your best interest to permit an employer to do a background check on you. It is also a way of stating that even if the firm discovers anything negative in your history, you will be more than capable of handling whatever assignment they throw at you. The ability to accept one’s shortcomings and yet thrive is a sign of character.

3.) You can plan ahead – You may influence the outcome if you let someone be your reference person in a background check. How to ask? In reality, a job background check seeks to unearth your history and true identity. As a result, you must establish a solid job basis earlier enough. It is also vital to keep in touch with prior bosses.

This will help them remember you and may assist you to pass a background check. You may use your personal information to create an impact on the findings of an employment background check. That is it. Sadly, not many can.

4.) A number of options are available – Employer background checks are not limited to an applicant’s previous jobs or educational history. This is not the case. Some companies do criminal background checks as part of the hiring process. This protects the organization’s reputation from the employee. Moreover, certain employers may additionally assess a prospective employee’s health. You can expect this kind of background check in healthcare. Was this means for you? That means you must prepare on all fronts. This will help you ace the background check and get the job done!

Is a Resume or Curriculum Vitae Necessary?

Is a Resume or Curriculum Vitae Necessary?

You are not the only one who has difficulty distinguishing between a resume and a curriculum vitae (CV). In order to get an interview, you will need to submit a cover letter and resume. There are two ways to present your history and qualifications in a resume or CV: As if that was not confusing enough, individuals often use these phrases alternately. Exactly what are the differences?

What is a Resume?

Your relevant work experience, skills, education, and any other related details, such as volunteering or affiliations in professional groups, should be included in your resume summary. A functional, chronological, and a combination resume are the most common kinds of resumes.

Instead of focusing on employment history, a functional resume emphasizes one’s talents and education. You should not include the dates of employment in an appropriate functional-style resume.

A chronological resume is arranged in reverse chronological order of the most recent position held (e.g., volunteer work). A functional and chronological resume is a combination resume. One or two-page resumes are the standard.

Many job seekers, especially college students and fresh graduates, prefer a combination resume. While a graduate’s job history may not be as long as an experienced employee’s, it may indicate transferrable talents and reliability. A chronological resume does not permit extra material showcasing relevant talents or other details.

What is a Curriculum Vitae?

Candidates in some sectors, such as medicine and education, submit a Curriculum vitae. CVs are occasionally like resumes. However, they are usually a complete listing of facts. A CV lists work, education, and publications in reverse chronological order. Medical and teaching students pursuing higher degrees often use Curriculum vitae. For a university teaching role, one might mention education, courses taught, and publications. CVs may be considerably lengthier than resumes.

A CV may be necessary for graduate school applications. However, research and teaching fields often utilize CV. If you are looking for a job abroad, you might be required to a CV. A skilled resume writer can assist you to decide between a resume and a CV for all these applications.

Which Do I Need?

A resume is the most common method of applying for a job for recent graduates and college students. You have a little more leeway to express yourself (in terms of style, not facts!) in a Curriculum vitae. Additionally, unless mentioned, resumes are what hiring employers expect to see.

Job Opportunities And Salary For Healthcare Workers

Job Opportunities And Salary For Healthcare Workers

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), there is a growing need for healthcare personnel and rising wages for almost all occupations in the field.

Over the next decade, the Australian healthcare industry expects to have a 27% rise in pay and salary employment. All other industries had a 14% rise. In addition, according to the Bureau of Statistics, stricter immigration laws hold back foreign health care professionals entering Australia.

There will be many new jobs in home-care as the younger generation matures and hospitals reduce spending and restrict employment. In the past, the elderly have depended on long-term hospitalizations for post-surgery care or the treatment of long-term diseases. For various reasons, including a growing desire among older adults to remain at home in their later years and a growing number of insurance companies restricting the number of overnight stays they would cover, inpatient treatment is shifting dramatically.

Employment growth in healthcare

Employment growth will produce around 3.6 million new payment and compensation jobs. Nineteen per cent of all wage and salary positions added to the economy between 2004 and 2014. Moreover, ABS is expecting the industry as a whole to increase at a rate of 13% and 69% between now and 2022. Hospitals are the most significant and slowest expanding sector.

The bottom line for anyone choosing a profession in health care is that the immediate future looks bright. Enrollment in healthcare-related school programs is increasing as economic instability makes other conventional job options less appealing. Nonetheless, many health care careers need many years of training. While specific industry personnel requirements may be addressed rapidly, particularly at the administrative level, not all roles will be filled. It is genuinely anyone’s guess if the present number of health care sector graduates will be sufficient to fulfil current and future requirements. Particularly for employment in nursing, patient diagnostics, and other highly technical fields.

Warehouse Supervisor needed in Sutherland Shire to manage a small team

Warehouse Supervisor needed in Sutherland Shire to manage a small team

STATUS: This Position Is No Longer Available

Transport / Logistics / Drivers / Warehouse & Distribution

Permanent / Full Time

Position : Warehouse Supervisor

Location : Sydney

Gateway Synergy is looking for a Warehouse Supervisor on behalf of our client. Our client is a rapidly growing company in Sydney, with an urgent need for exceptional professionals to fill up their roster.
In this position you will be managing a small warehouse team. You will be assisting team operations and will be solving shipment-related issues to fulfil the customers’ needs.


The Warehouse Supervisor is responsible for all aspects in relation to the operation of the warehouse. You will be needed to solve shipment-related issues for the customer, updating the AWMS, and managing a small Warehouse team. The position is instrumental in ensuring delivering high levels of service to customers through the accurate and timely delivery of customer orders.

Working with a small team you will be responsible for the day-to-day operation of warehouse procedures. Your responsibilities will include.

  • Receive and inspect inbound product
  • Put away product in correct location
  • Picking, packing, and consigning of orders
  • Receive returns, count, and confirm quantities
  • Place the appropriate documentation with each order and ensure all dispatches are clearly labelled and accurately marked (e.g., pick/pack slips, stickers)
  • Handle products and perform duties according to HTA company procedures
  • Palletize cases, wrap, and load pallets onto trailers
  • Create shipping labels and other paperwork for parcels and LTL skid shipments (e.g., waybills, shipping manifests, shipping labels); maintain accurate shipping data in warehouse management system
  • Stage and coordinate outbound shipments
  • Ensure all warehouse equipment is in proper working order (e.g., doors, forklift, operational equipment signal lights)
  • General housekeeping of warehouse
  • Conduct cycle counting and stocktaking
  • Continually drive operational improvements
  • Perform duties as directed by General Manager.

To be successful in this role you will need to:

  • have a minimum of 2 years warehouse team leader or supervisor experience
  • be a people leader
  • have a current forklift license
  • be experienced with warehouse management systems
  • be a team player with excellent customer service and communication skills
  • attention to detail and a high level of numeracy and literacy
  • be a problem solver
  • positive attitude
  • have a customer service mentality


Should you be interested please apply online or email Anastasia at [email protected]

How to Apply

Send us an email Email Us
[email protected]

Apply online : Click here to apply

Tips For Older Job-seekers On How To Land A Job

Tips For Older Job-seekers On How To Land A Job

Job searchers in their 30s and 40s may believe that their age is critical when applying for s job. A large portion of the unemployed population is currently experiencing the same difficulties finding work that the elderly have been dealing with for years.

Recently, there was an increase in job seekers over the age of 50 who have realized that there is still age discrimination in the workplace. These job seekers are rewriting their resumes in order to remove any glaring red flags. Since many job seekers are deleting older jobs and degree dates from their curriculum vitae, it is becoming more difficult for employers to make an educated estimate as to a job seeker’s age. It is more probable that a job seeker over 50 would receive more interviews if their resume is focused and concise rather than rambling and all-encompassing.

Factors affecting older jobseekers in applying for a job

Personal sanitation, appropriate clothes, and language abilities are all essential considerations for senior job applicants. When preparing a resume, a candidate should also work on their physical appearance and personality attributes.

Nobody needs to go out and spend thousands of dollars on cosmetic surgery or new clothing. However, an applicant might want to take a careful look at their looks as well. Ask yourself whether a fresh hairdo or business outfit may give you that extra edge. It is entirely up to you whether or not you want to modify your look. ” Do not underestimate how new pair of shoes or clothing, or even a trim of your moustache might create an impression to an interviewer who is much younger than you.

Additional tips for older job seekers

If an interviewer is trying to figure out your age, he or she will ask many questions. Interviewers should avoid questions like grandchildren’s ages, retirement plans, or health conditions. These are unlawful questions! Although it will not land someone in prison, they will provide them with the ammo they need to make a shady hiring decision. If you believe a corporation is ageist, contact the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

You can communicate with the interviewer more effectively if you show that you are up to date on the latest technology trends on your curriculum vitae and in your interview. An interviewer will be impressed with a well-informed person of any age, regardless of how old they are.

To appear younger, you must have a cheerful attitude. This may be difficult, especially after multiple unsuccessful job interviews. However, the county career centres supported by colleges support the golden age groups. They may help older job seekers with their job hunt by offering assistance, a platform for networking, and employment connections.

A career coach may also aid an over-50 job seeker. A coach may assist in identifying and resolving challenges that employees may be facing in their personal and professional lives. Career counselling fills a critical need for people who want to transition and grow, even in their 50s or even younger.